The sole purpose for creating an online diary  is to seek an opportunity to reach out my opinions to as many people as possible. And also to connect with their ideas and suggestions only to imbibe the best and to create for myself a little more space to learn a little more!


Blog Title - Adhyatma is a Sanskrit word which means the subjective self. I believe that a person's style of writing portrays the self of the person in some way and thus the name, Adhyatma where the writings are influenced by ones own desires, thoughts and reasons.

Blog Description - Ananya Chintana is also a Sanskrit word which means completely absorbed thinking or contemplation. To write something, one must think and then comprehend the various facts amassed with the help of sciences (sciences here means the knowledge that exists) and thus the name in the description slot.

Blog Address - Atmanubhava is again a Sanskrit word which means experience of the self. When one writes, it only means that he or she is writing on a particular topic (may it be a joyous moment, sad moment, moment of inspiration, etc.) only because he or she has experienced it, again the period of time may vary.

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